MDRejuvena, Inc. announces launch of MDResurfacing™, in-office treatments to rejuvenate aging and pigmented skin on the face, neck and hands

SAN DIEGO, CA – Mar. 4, 2016 – MDRejuvena, Inc., a private company focused on skin health, announces the launch of MDResurfacing, the first comprehensive resurfacing system in the US market that provides condition-specific treatment options addressing photoaging and pigmentation for facial and non-facial areas. The first public introduction to skin health professionals will take place at the American Academy of Dermatology annual meeting in Washington DC this week.


Skin resurfacing is one of the most common categories of skin rejuvenation with various methods of treatment available. One of the most well-known and cost-effective treatments is the use of chemical exfoliating agents applied to the skin, which leads to subsequent regeneration of underlying tissues.  Approximately 500,000 chemical peel procedures are performed annually.


According to Wendy Roberts, MD, Dermatologist and specialist in Generational Dermatology and Skin of Color, “There is a strong trend among patients toward less invasive procedures with minimal down time. As science advances, patients are looking for an advanced, customized approach to address their individual skin concerns.” 


MDResurfacing provides for customized treatments based on an individual’s skin sensitivity.  While similar to chemical peels, by using a combination of a number of acids in a lower strength for skin rejuvenation, MDResurfacing is based on a different philosophy and mechanism of action than conventional chemical peeling. This process is achieved through the innovative technology PH-DVC™ (delivery vehicle complex) developed to provide controlled, targeted delivery while preserving the integrity of the epidermis. PH-DVC alters the “normal behavior” of conventional peeling agents by enhancing bioavailability, controlling inflammation, and reducing surface destruction, resulting in a maximized skin rejuvenation effect with minimal irritation and downtime. The clinical manifestation of “altered” resurfacing actives include a more gradual exfoliating process, reduced risk of premature peeling and enhanced re-epithelialization.


MDResurfacing brings a versatile approach to the market, allowing the practitioner to select the best treatment combination for each patient by using various levels (strengths) of skin resurfacing in combination with customized peel-off masks.


“MDResurfacing brings scientific innovation and a truly customized approach to the skin resurfacing category, which has not seen innovation for some time.” says Board Certified Dermatologist, Suzanne Bruce, MD.


Combining the strength and precision of a medical grade resurfacing procedure with the comfort and refinement of an aesthetic treatment, MDResurfacing increases patients’ overall satisfaction, compliance and results for the procedure. In addition, it bridges the gap between in-office treatments and effective take home products by offering a complete recovery and post-recovery system to further enhance patients’ outcome. Treatments available at launch include AGE, a treatment for anti-aging and photodamage on the face, MELA, for use in patients with hyperpigmentation, and HAND and NECK which are specifically formulated to address photodamage and aging skin on these non-facial areas.


MDRejuvena also offers a line of products featuring Phytochromatic MD™ Complex, a patented and proprietary, naturally-derived ingredient clinically shown to provide a number of skin health benefits, that can be used to maintain the results of the MDResurfacing procedures.


MDRejuvena is a private company focused on the licensing, development and commercialization of products for skin health for the professional physician-dispensed market in the U.S. and internationally. Further information on the company may be found on or by calling 888-MDR-3003.



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