Frequently Asked Questions

General Product

What skin types should use MDRejuvena products?

MDRejuvena offers products for all skin types, including very sensitive or acne prone.

How do I know which MDRejuvena products are right for me?

MDRejuvena recommends consulting your physician or skincare specialist for product recommendations specific to your skin health goals and skin type. Please also feel free to email MDRejuvena product questions to the skincare concierge at

Are MDRejuvena products tested on animals?

MDRejuvena does not conduct product testing on animals.

Are MDRejuvena products gluten-free?

Every batch of MDRejuvena products are tested to ensure they are gluten-free.

Do MDRejuvena products contain parabens?

MDRejuvena products are paraben-free.

Are MDRejuvena products safe for use during pregnancy?

MDRejuvena products have not been tested for safety during pregnancy. Please consult your physician for direction on skin health during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Does MDRejuvena offer professional treatments?

MDRejuvena offers pHformula, a collection of in-office, controlled chemical resurfacing treatments that can be customized by your physician or skincare professional according to your skin concerns and skin health goals.

Does MDRejuvena have published clinical studies to support the efficacy of MDRejuvena products?

Yes, MDRejuvena does have clinical studies to support the efficacy of Phytochromatic MD® Complex, as well as several products in the line.

Phytochromatic MD® Complex

There is a variance in the green color of Phytochromatic MD® Complex- is this normal?

Yes, Phytochromatic MD® Complex is derived from plant chlorophyll, a naturally occurring substance. Variations in the plant source may cause normal lot-to-lot variations in the green color of the Rejuvaphyl® products. Although color may vary from lot to lot based on natural variation of the plant chlorophyll material, only lots that meet all of the testing and quality requirements for pharmaceutical quality Phytochromatic MD® Complex are accepted for use.

What is unique about Phytochromatic MD® Complex?

MDRejuvena’s patented and proprietary active complex, Phytochromatic MD® Complex, contains copper chelated to chlorophyllin, loaded into liposomes for slow, safe release of copper into skin and a unique combination of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant activity. Slow-release copper supports a number of copper-dependent enzymes that have important functions in the skin. In vitro studies demonstrate that Phytochromatic MD® Complex can inhibit hyaluronidase, and topical use may help protect the skin’s extracellular matrix resulting in firmer, smoother and more resilient facial skin. In the clinical setting, Phytochromatic MD® Complex has demonstrated visible improvements in a wide range of undesirable skin conditions.

Is Phytochromatic MD® Complex the same as a copper peptide?

No, Phytochromatic MD® Complex uniquely contains copper that is bonded to chlorophyllin and loaded into liposomes. Pilot clinical studies demonstrate that Phytochromatic MD® Complex penetrates into skin, efficaciously showing significant improvements in a wide range of undesirable skin conditions and demonstrating strong antioxidant properties.

Rejuvaphyl® Rejuvenating Complex

Are the Rejuvaphyl® Rejuvenating Complex products right for my skin type?

The Rejuvaphyl Rejuvenating Complex products are available in three custom formulations with varying strengths of Retinol included. Your physician or skincare professional will be able to best recommend which formula is right for your skin health.

Rejuvaphyl® Rejuvenating Complex, the Retinol-free version, is appropriate for very sensitive skin that cannot tolerate Retinol due to risk of irritation.

Rejuvaphyl® Rejuvenating Complex LS, the lower-strength Retinol, is appropriate for all skin types, specifically skin that is new to Retinol use in order to establish tolerability. If new to Retinol, this product may be used less frequently at first, with gradual increases as tolerated thereafter, to gently adapt the skin to use.

Rejuvaphyl® Rejuvenating Complex HS, the higher-strength Retinol, is appropriate for skin that has benefited from a retinoid product in the past and that has advanced anti-aging goals.

What is unique about the Rejuvaphyl® Rejuvenating Complex products?

The Rejuvaphyl® Rejuvenating Complex products contain a blend of patented and proprietary Phytochromatic MD® Complex, peptide, antioxidants and other potent, anti-aging ingredients available in three dual-chamber, custom formulations. They are clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, even skin tone, enhance overall radiance and increase skin firmness.

Since Rejuvaphyl® Rejuvenating Complex LS and HS are recommended for both AM/PM use, does this mean that Retinol is safe for use during the daytime?

Rejuvaphyl® Rejuvenating Complex LS and HS utilize two delivery systems for sustained release of Retinol into skin. These delivery systems protect the stability of the Retinol during exposure to light as well as manage the controlled release of Retinol into skin for decreased risk of extra sensitivity. As always, it is imperative to apply proper sun protection to include sunscreen and protective clothing and to limit sun during peak intensity hours (10 AM- 2 PM), in conjunction with all MDRejuvena skin health regimens.

Rejuvaphyl® Redness Recovery

What is unique about Rejuvaphyl® Redness Recovery?

Rejuvaphyl® Redness Recovery is clinically proven to improve the appearance of visible redness and even skin tone. It is a clean, oil-free gel formula suitable for all skin types, including very sensitive skin.

I have redness associated with acne breakouts. Is this product appropriate for my skin?

Rejuvaphyl® Redness Recovery is an oil-free gel formulation that is appropriate for all skin types, including very sensitive skin. Consult your physician or skincare professional to be certain that this product is right for your skin health.

Rejuvaphyl® Ultra‑Rich Hydration

What is unique about Rejuvaphyl® Ultra-Rich Hydration?

Rejuaphyl® Ultra-Rich Hydration is a luxurious moisturizer designed to nourish and hydrate skin, restore skin barrier properties and add additional anti-aging benefits to your skin health regimen.

What skin types can use Rejuvaphyl® Ultra-Rich Hydration?

Rejuvaphyl® Ultra-Rich Hydration is a concentrated formulation created to hydrate even the most dry and dehydrated skin types, and a small application amount is recommended for best results. Your physician or skincare professional can help you select the best MDRejuvena hydration product for your skin health.

Rejuvaphyl® Ultra‑Rich Hydration is green- is that normal?

Absolutely. Rejuvaphyl® Ultra-Rich Hydration contains Phytochromatic MD® Complex, which lends the green color to the formula. Upon application, it will absorb luxuriously into your skin leaving no trace of color, only well-hydrated, healthy skin.

Rejuvaphyl® Pore Perfecting Complex

What is unique about Rejuvaphyl® Pore Perfecting Complex?

Rejuvaphyl® Pore Perfecting Complex features a blend of Phytochromatic MD® Complex, antioxidants and other pore health ingredients in a dual chamber pump. It tightens the appearance of size and number of visible pores, reduces excessive oiliness, enhances radiance, evens skin tone and leaves a velvety, matte finish to skin.