Sales Policy

Last Modified: June 17, 2015


MDRejuvena develops, manufactures and sells premium, branded home skincare products and in-office treatment products only to accounts managed by physicians and their associated skincare professionals. The purpose of this Sales Policy is to ensure that MDRejuvena products maintain their high quality and the associated brand goodwill.

MDRejuvena’s mission is to provide physicians and their patients worldwide with a premium and proprietary line of skincare products, dedicated to rejuvenating, improving, enhancing and maintaining skin health. MDRejuvena is committed to ensuring that patients have access to premium products through physician-based accounts that provide high quality service and promote the MDRejuvena brand in a way that is consistent with MDRejuvena’s mission and strategy.

MDRejuvena therefore has determined that it will only sell its products to accounts that comply with all of the following requirements:

  • Account must have the direct participation of a licensed physician with a valid Medical License number. It is the account’s responsibility to maintain current licensing documentation, and to provide such information to MDRejuvena promptly upon request.

  • Account must provide patients direct availability to a physician or skincare professional in connection with the sale, service and support of MDRejuvena products.

  • MDRejuvena products must be advertised and marketed only in a manner that is consistent with the MDRejuvena brand standards defined in our Brand Standards Policy.

  • Account must not sell MDRejuvena products to purchasers known or believed to be intent on reselling such products.

  • MDRejuvena products must never be sold to purchasers outside the United States and Canada.

  • Account must be in compliance with MDRejuvena payment terms at all times.

Account must not use or sell to its patients MDRejuvena products purchased from unauthorized sources.

Please support the investment that MDRejuvena has made in developing new products and services and ensuring that both are part of a medically-supervised skincare regimen. The above list is not exhaustive, and MDRejuvena reserves its right to exercise its independent discretion as to the accounts with which it will conduct business.

MDRejuvena may, at its sole discretion, terminate any account that does not comply with MDRejuvena’s Sales Policy. We believe that MDRejuvena’s policies are an important part of its mission and strategy and are, thus, in the best interest of our customers and their patients. Please familiarize yourself with the terms, and inquire directly with any questions.

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