Fluorescence Light


Place it in your pocket and scan within seconds of seeing

Time Saving

Scan an entire body in less than 2 minutes.

Record Keeping

Take images showing skin improvements from procedures/products.

Easy Access / Mobile

Place in your pocket from room to room; take it on the road or to shows. No cords, two sets of rechargeable batteries.


See skin issues immediately with the click of the flashlight.

Quick Answers / Diagnosis

Within 2 mins you can identify skin issues.

Fewer Resources Required

No bulky, plugged in UV lamp needed.


If ever broken you can have a new one to you in less than 24 hours.

Money Maker

Charge a set price for skin scans or scan for free to upsell products or procedures


This is not a UV Light and is not harmful to your skin.


Social media benefits to promote Promos and Specials to your audience and set yourself apart from your competitor and upsell full body scans for less than co-pay.

For Professional Use Only