SmartFilterID™ Phone Clip


Place it in your pocket and clip on your ipad, iphone, or android for images of skin abnormalities.

Time Saving

Instantly capture any skin abnormality and text or email directly to a dermatologist for review.

Record Keeping

Images are available for record keeping of skin improvements from procedures/products and in-between appointments to track skin abnormalities. Customer can also purchase images and track progress.

Easy Access / Mobile

Place in your pocket from room to room or keep the lens clip on your chosen device in each exam room.


Used to capture an image instantly for record keeping or further evaluation of the abnormal skin.

Quicker Answers / Diagnosis

Within seconds you can identify skin issues and/or text and email them to a Dermatologist. Quick removal and installation.

Fewer Resources Required

No laptop connection or software needed to capture the image, only a mobile phone and the lens. The phone lens is UNIVERSAL.


If ever broken you can have a new one to you in less than 24 hours.

Money Maker

Charge a customer for full body scan and receive digital images of their skin on their cell phone.

For Professional Use Only